Monday, 23 November 2015

A wedding dress like Sofia Vergara from Landybridal

OMG! I am going to start with Oh My Gosh! Did you see the pictures and news cover on Sofia Vergara’s wedding yesterday? Such a glamorous and beautiful wedding befitting an equally exceptional and beautiful woman like Sofia. She is like the Top #1 celebrity who simply is just totally gorgeous, vivacious, breathtaking and perfect!. If you get me to talk about Sofia’s awesomeness, I will never stop singing her praises. My BFF and I spend hours admiring her style, her personality and oh how lucky she is too J
Pic: Instagram @sofiavergara

Joe Manganiello and her is like a perfect match made in heaven and don’t they look great together? We wish them the best and long live their happy married life. So then, bride and groom looked great, the wedding decor like paradise and oh! Oh! Sofia’s DRESS!!. Everybody’s talking about it and she indeed looked like an angel and shone real bright with that Zuhair Murad wedding dress. She has set the trend for wedding dresses 2016”  and  I can foresee tons of other fans and admirers following her style. Love love the detailing on the dress and she totally rocks in it. She wore other dreamy white dresses over the weekend leading to her big day and I love all of them dresses!. Well, one can never not look sexy when wearing a lace detail dress and Sofia knows exactly that and I love this mini dress with lace detail in the upper part. When you are in doubt, go with Lace J
Coming to lace wedding dresses, I love these pretty options from Landybridal and they are also no less beautiful from the one worn by Sofia J. Each dress from Landybridal is carefully made with the finest of fabrics infused with delicate beading, appliqu├ęs and exquisite embroidery. The dress is made such that it holds and  flatters your figure. 

Lace wedding dresses are definitely the “never out of style” and “classic” design for any decade and if  I were to select the one specific design, I’d immediately go for  Vintage lace wedding dresses J. Hope you love these dresses as much as I do. Let me know which style you are going to choose for your special day or which is your favourite .


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

All your Wishes fulfilled by Smartphone Tech

Hello Beauties,
Now who is up for some awesome time of live music and fun with your favourite artists and band? Yes! Yes! right? I just love attending live shows and concerts and our group of friends always make it a point to attend at least one every month. Well, last night we got to attend a concert by a band from Australia (Delirious) and oh boy! what a time we had rocking the floor and clicking tons and tons of selfies, wefies, groupfies etc. Don't you just love how Smart phones have tremendously changed our lifestyles and made everything so much easier and faster. I do not deny that there certain pros and cons to every technology but if you know how to use your time and tech well, it’s a win-win for you (Cheers!). 

Okay, back to the more exciting topic on concerts and music. Now, say you have attended one such very memorable and fun evening and the next step for you is to upload and share the pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter etc.  And specially for bloggers like us, it is vital to share on social media as fast and efficient as possible to cover any event. But Ta Da! 3G is here and faster sharing has never been a problem J. But some few concerns that I normally have and face with when attending events are – the battery getting super low, low mobile network connectivity indoors, frozen apps or screen L. I once remember I went to attend a phone launch event and after few hours of clicking photos, sharing , videos etc, my Blackberry Z10 went kaput on me due to low battery L. Such a bummer it was!. Needless to say, I am right now on the lookout for a new phone and whoa! liking the multiple options out there. I’ve never been tech savvy or an expert on how Smartphone work and why your phone heats up quickly and why your screen hangs while opening an app.

I am a huge fan of  COC (Clash of Clans) and it is due to my craze for the game and wish for a phone with high performance, scratch resistant and best connectivity features that I’ve wised up on cool terms like quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon, Octa-core, Android 5.1, Android M, OTG support, E-compass and corning gorilla glass. Now I have enough idea on what to look out for my next purchase and here are some few options that I have in mind (in no particular order).

All these phones support 4G! And just imagine, if 3G has been making your cool life so much cooler, then 4G is going to make it 200% more better. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to experience the power of 4G.
And last but not the least, which is your favourite app of all times? Aside from COC, I love this app called Sing! Karaoke by Smule which lets you sing and record your favourite songs and even makes it possible to sing duets with artists like Linkin Park, Jessie J etc. We are a lucky generation J. More power and a loud cheer to Smartphone technology!


Friday, 9 October 2015

CocoMelody Beach Wedding Dresses

Hello beauties
Hope you had a good week. We have been swamped with work and life lately that we haven't been able to write new posts. Taking out some time today to talk about destination  ideas for your dream weddings :). I do realize that majority of our posts are related to WEDDINGS! But what can we say, there are tons of stuff to write about them and it is always an exciting topic. Okay, talking about Destination for weddings, one of our favorite destination is the BEACH (yay!). Weddings at the beach is a very popular trend and one cannot be surprised why it is so. The blue endless ocean behind, the golden sands, the sunny sky above and everything else about the beach makes it the perfect place to be married. And besides that, the location is so ideal for after - party and in short, the possibilities to make the event a fun, lively and awesome one are endless. Like we have mentioned and emphasized number of times, the Bride is the queen on the Day and it is very important for her to wear the perfect dress. But when your wedding is going to be at the beach, you have multiple options of dresses. The location is so perfect and flexible at the same time that yo have the liberty to wear either a classic train wedding dress or a short mini wedding dress. Here are some ideas for beach wedding dresses which I think would be perfect for your special day. They are taken from a site called cocomelody and if you read our previous posts, we have talked about them and how they have a huge collection of wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and bridal party wear etc. Have a look at some of my selections.

Which is your favorite? If you are interested to make a purchase, there is good news!. The site is currently having a awesome discount sale on their Destination wedding dresses where if you buy item worth $200, you will get $20 off!. Click the image below for more details. Happy shopping and thank you for reading.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Adieu To Television Remote War

Flashback, rewind, repeat, play. Our huge family of siblings, cousins, aunts, and so on were all having a family reunion. After a long day of sumptuous dishes, tasty treats and fun games , everyone settled into the living room to watch some good old television entertainment. There was the OSCARS  2010 award show broadcast and we all wanted to watch that. Whoosh! Popcorn checked, Coke checked, everyone in their favorite spots Checked!!. Lets get this evening rolling.. Just 10 minutes into watching the exciting arrival of the actors, the previews of the upcoming performances and drooling over the gorgeous dresses of the divas, our youngest cousin started crying. Argh! This 6 year old cousin wanted to watch TOM and JERRY!!. Of all timings! His mom took out their laptop and tried to make him watch some of the saved videos but no, this kid wants to watch it on the ''Big TV'' and it had to be now! Well, who can argue with a crying (bawling eyes out) 6 year old :(. So, for 30 grueling minutes, we had to sit there and  watch the cartoon till he said OK! to switch the channel. What a spoiler it was! On other days too, I still remember my youngest brother always with a frown on his face whenever that cousin comes over. My brother loves watching WWE and my cousin would insist on watching CARTOON. Yeah! families are fun and they are everything but just, tiny bit just sometimes, we love to watch our favorite shows whenever its on TV. And we all know, in family 'war' for the remote, the youngest or the eldest always wins (haha!). 
Well, now, this is the age of mobile entertainment and everyone downloads and watch their own favorite movie or music video on their iPad, Tabs, etc.  And for students or working professionals  like us living  in another city, there are less fights over the TV remote. But I really do miss out on some of favorite shows like Game of Thrones, Modern Family and India's Next Top Model because of TIME scarcity! I know that I can download them online and watch them later but again, when you are so busy, where do you get the time to sit down and download? I wished there is an easier way to fix this problem. How awesome would it be to record and save the shows when they are on TV and transfer them to your mobile device?. 

TATA Sky was the first choice when we purchased a DTH  for our home. Maybe it was the Sharukh Khan ad or the catchy theme, Tata Sky seemed like the perfect choice. And now in 2016, TATA SKY has once again proved to be a game changer in DTH revolution. It recently launched  'TATA SKY + TRANSFER" set top box which  is going to radically change how you view entertainment. Basically, Tata Sky + Transfer lets you - Record your favorite show , Transfer them to your device and View them in offline mode whenever and wherever. Yay! This means I can record my favorite shows and save them on my smartphone or tablet and watch them when am taking a long boring metro ride :). I would say this is the best thing that has happened in years and no more missing out on my cool shows! I really dread long commutes and this new cool feature from Tata Sky is going to be so so helpful. Besides, I am saving my broadband data usage too. Plus plus points all the way! 
To know more about this new feature, please visit . And here's the cool ad from Tata Sky. I am so psyched! Enjoy!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Come December Wedding Season Again

Hello Beauties,

One of our favorite topics to write are on wedding dresses and by now you must have seen tons of posts on this same topic. I used to think that I will get tired of looking at wedding dresses too often but that does not happen :). Every design of wedding dresses that are available around have their own unique and special quality and each dress is so beautiful. The ladies here will all say Yes! to this I am sure. So, no surprise here for today's post which is on wedding dresses. Ever since online shopping became a thing and you can get any item online, lots of store owners have been selling wedding dresses. The range and variety of wedding dresses you can find online is just overwhelming. Try for yourself to choose a particular site or the wedding dress for your own and you will get what am trying to say here. I mentioned in an earlier post that my cousin sister is getting married this December and that we tried to choose a wedding dress online. And we did get so lost and bowled over by too many dresses available and had a hard time choosing. We are still searching as I write this post (all the best to us). 
Speaking of wedding stores online, I like to share about one store that sells wedding dresses, wedding party dresses and other special occasion dresses. Rosa Novias ( ) is a company that is based in the UK and offers professional custom made, designed dresses for its customers. I love how their designs have an elegant touch and the details are so skillfully crafted and made with the finest quality available. The designs range from richly embroidered style to simple style and fits the wishes of different brides. When it comes to any store online, I think that variety, attention to detail and meeting individual needs of the customers are the core assets to look for. I've often exited some sites due to lack of variety or lack of option for custom alterations. 
I am sharing some images from their section on  Strapless Wedding dresses . For wedding dresses, my first choice is Strapless dress styles and these are so beautiful and so perfect for any bride. Hope you enjoy them too.
Truly, when a bride puts on a wedding dress, she is a beautiful vision in white and the most grogeous and lucky woman in the room. Well, this are not the only ones available at Rosa Novias and if you like you can check out other sections like Mother of the bride dresses if you are a Mom reading this post and you have your daughter's wedding coming up. Or for people like me who have to attend a cousin's wedding, their section on Special occasion dresses would be just perfect!. Either ways, have fun checking out the site and hope you find something you like. I am sharing this last image below, one outfit which I would love to rock. Am not so great in high heels and I love how they have paired the dress with comfy boots :).  Thank you for reading! Great weekend to all.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shoes Galore - Ankle Boots and Others From Ercidress

Hello Beauties,

Hope you had a wonderful week. I know, going to work or college is not a fun thing or maybe it is for some lucky people but the point is, weekends are the best right? Me and my friends were making plans for the weekend and one guy sent a funny picture in our whatsapp group which looks like this 

Funny right? Well, we all need some humor in our lives I think or everything gets boring and monotonous. Now, back to exciting things like the WEEKEND! Yes, I know, most would be busy starting their weekends by now and flooding Instagram with candid shots or blurry shots (if you are high). LOL. Just kidding. 
Ahem! Today's post is not about giving you ideas on how to enjoy your weekend but if perhaps you are going to a club or party or formal events, you would definitely be wearing awesome shoes. And yes, SHOES it is am going to write about. A woman can never have enough shoes and nowadays even men are following in our footsteps. I am sharing some pictures of only two kinds of shoes today. But we know we love all the kinds of shoes that are out there. Okay, Shoe Number 1 is 'ANKLE BOOTS' . Man, I love ankle boots since they just about complement with any kind of outfit and for those of us with blessed short legs, ankle boots make them look longer :). And if one wants to buy them, there are no lack of them at stores near you or  cheap ankle boots online ( click here )

 And talking about getting them online which is more convenient for some shopaholics, (link ) is a cool site which we have shared about in our past posts. They not only have wedding apparel and special occasion dresses in their collections but also a vast range of shoes like Ankle Boots Women; Wide Calf Knee High Boots, Cheap Knee High (here ) Boots , Fountain Pumps, Peep Toe Pumps ( here ), Well Pumps etc. Pretty cool I think. 
I love and recommend their ankle boots collections and some of my favorites are:

Roman Style Boots

A Classic brown colored lace up boots that would look great with a pair of denim shorts. 
Chunky Heel Lace up Boots
I chose this for the interesting tribal prints and they would be perfect with a monochrome dress. 

Butterfly Wings Boots
This looks fun and cool and so KATY PERRY!

Brown Women Boots
Another one in brown because they match with any color outfit! And lastly, you also got to have black boots in your closet. 

Thank you for reading. 


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lace Wedding Dresses By LandyBridal

So then, weddings right? No words to describe how weddings are the most special and most awesome day for all of us. A very grand affair and aplomb with celebrations and merry making.  I just love to attend weddings and make it a point to never miss this special day for my friends and relatives. Now, talking about weddings, and why today's post is on wedding dresses. The thing is, my cousin sister is getting married this December and we were looking through, no, we were prowling the internet vigorously (haha!) for the best design and style of wedding dresses and whats In now etc etc. 
We found that there are like hundreds of online sites that sell wedding dresses and we had a hard time choosing the best one and that which was according to her tastes. She wants a lace wedding dress and since December is going to be really cold, we were looking for something with mini sleeves. Okay, browsing through all the dresses was so fun and we got lost trying to pick the most perfect one. And also the fact that all of the dresses are so so pretty and we went all drooling over all of them :). 

Finally, we decided to look through the collections at Landybridal  because they seem to have a lot of choices for every style and they did not disappoint us. Clicking on their section on lace wedding dresses 2015 , we found some really pretty and fabulous dresses and as am writing this post, my cousin is having a hard time choosing the most prettiest among them (LOL). Maybe you can help and share your thoughts on which one is the best? 

Personally, I love the Trumpet/Mermaid style of wedding dresses and was just wowed by the collections at Landybridal. They not only have the most gorgeous of dresses but also the prices are quite reasonable and under 400 USD. Here's a peek of their Cheap Mermaid wedding dresses . I love them all ! Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Choice of Homecoming Dresses from Cocomelody

The tradition of Homecoming is a wonderful one where alumni of a school, college or university are welcomed back. It is a joyous event with celebrations in the form of sports and cultural activities, parades etc. The event usually involves an evening of fiesta and formal dinners. Ladies and gentlemen are dressed in their Sunday best at such gatherings. Well, the Fall season is the time for homecomings and I bet that some of you staying in different places around the globe maybe getting ready for one. And today's post is meant to help you get ready and even if you are not going to a Homecoming dance, why not feast your eyes to some of these gorgeous dresses. The dresses can be versatile and if you have the knack for it, wear them at any formal occasion and look your best self. 

The dresses are from a site called COCOMELODY which sells mostly wedding dresses and special occasion dresses and they have a collection of some good cheap homecoming dresses which look really fabulous. I personally love some of the new designs they have added and think that they are so chic and suitable for wearing on dates too, aside from formal dinners. Loving the colour BLUE right now and i've decided to share some of them here and these are picked  short homecoming dresses under 100 . Quite a steal I think, don't you too? For under $100, the dresses are very gorgeous and with the variety of styles, design, cut and material available with them, any girl can find the perfect one for herself. You would be doing a huge favor to your girl circle if you introduce them to this site for purchasing the most pretty of dresses. 

Hope you like them and for yours truly, every girl ought to have a super awesome sexy stunning RED dress in her closet and for this, here's one RED dress for your eyes only. Thank you for reading !